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Refurbished Curlin 4000 Plus Infusion Pump

Refurbished Curlin 4000 Plus Infusion Pump

Refurbished Curlin 4000 Plus Infusion Pump
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The Curlin 4000 Plus Pump is a easy-to-use multi-therapy ambulatory electronic infusion pump designed for pain management or labor and delivery in hospitals. It operates accurately in any position, has a low rate resolution of 2 microliters, and its small, compact, lightweight design allows for greater mobility for ambulatory patients. The 4000 plus pump features five therapy delivery modes:

-Continuous Infusion
-PCA or Patient Controlled Analgesia
-TPN with Automatic Ramping
-Intermittent Delivery
-Variable Program

Special Features of the 4000 Series Pump include:
-Shift Totals in PCA
-Hourly Totals in all therapies
-Automatic “quick-repeat” function
-Large font display
-Small, accurate, ambulatory, volumetric infusion pump that provides reliable and safe delivery of infusion therapies
-Cost effective, safe and easy-to-load disposable Curlin Medical administration sets
-User-friendly, easy-to-teach programming
-Three tamper-resistant lock settings to assist in maintaining patient compliance and safety
-Patient and therapy specific programming
-Selection of three units of delivery, milliliters (ml), milligrams (mg), and micrograms (mcg).
-Titration features in both PCA and Continuous therapies.
-Mandatory requirement of two independent key press actions before a running pump can be turned off, thus minimizing the accidental interruption of a therapy in progress
-Audio alarms that can be adjusted from 1 (very quiet) to 9 (loudest) to meet specific patient and clinical setting needs but that cannot be totally disabled
-Integral Up as well as Down Occlusion alarms to notify user if an occlusion is present on either side of the pumping chamber.
-Integral High Upstream pressure alarm to notify user of excessive upstream pressure.
-Integral Air-In-Line alarm to notify user of presence of air in the tubing.

- Fully Refurbished
- 1-Year Warranty

Warranty Information

All refurbished units come with a 1 year warranty!

All returns must be authorized by Willow Medical before returning. Product must be returned within 30 day of purchase with a RGA from Willow Medical. After obtaining an RGA, each return must include the following information:

  • Customer name and address
  • RGA number.
  • Willow Medical order number.

Defective orders are returnable with authorization. Non-defective orders may be returned, provided customer has obtained prior authorization from Willow Medical. Defective product, properly noted damaged product and returns that are the result of a Willow Medical error may be returned at Willow Medical expense and for a full credit.

Restocking Fee

Return from Date of Invoice - 0 – 30 Days

Re-stocking fee Percentage -15% plus freight

Willow Medical will send a shipping label prepaid by Willow Medical to the customer for all returns. All returns most be sent back to 114 Tradition Trail Holly Springs NC 27540.

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