B Braun Infusomat Space

The Braun Infusomat Space is a single channel infusion pumps that was designed for acute adult care and pediatric facilities. The pump is lightweight, at just 3 pounds, to allow for easy transport between any number of care settings. The Infusomat Space’s thin and compact design allows for up to 24 units to be stacked on a single bedside tower. The Infusomat comes equipped with an extensive drug library, the library can hold up to 1500 drugs, which is easily navigated thanks to the pumps easy to use interface and design. This small pump is powerful and features state of the art versatility and reliability for you care needs. The Infusomat Space sold at Willow Medical come fully refurbished and patient ready in like-new condition and comes with a full 1 year warranty. Willow Medical can provide rentals, sales or repair of infusion pumps including the Braun Infusomat Space. Please contact us for more information.