B Braun Vista Basic

The Braun Vista Basic is designed for simplicity. The ease of set installation, programming and helpful alarms all help reduce human error and make the pump simple to use while also providing a high reliability infusion pump. This pumps rugged and reliable designs also provides health professionals features such as continuous, piggyback and program mode, and a selection of cost effective, straight line gravity sets. The Vista Basic’s ease of use makes it perfect for outpatient and home care settings. All the Vista Basic units sold at Willow Medical come fully refurbished and patient ready in like-new condition and comes with a full 1 year warranty. Willow Medical can provide rentals, sales or repair of infusion pumps including the Braun Vista Basic. Please contact us for more information.

Refurbished and New B Braun Vista Basic for sale on www.willowmedical.com 




The B Braun Vista Basic has been designed to ensure simplicity during every phase of the infusion process. The straight-line tubing loads quickly into the pump and you simply enter the rate and volume and press Start. The Vista Basic walk's the user through the programming process and this simplicity makes it perfect for home care and ambulatory settings. The Vista Basic uses needle-free sets which protect both the patient and the clinician and adjustable occlusion settings help protect patients from vein injuries. 

- Fully Refurbished 
- 1-Year Warranty