Digital Innovation

                It is time for an upgrade for health care. In today’s world hospitals and doctors must embrace new technology to advance with the times. Things like wearables, internet doctor visits, or virtual health care will start playing a central role in today’s electronic, online world. Modern day behemoth companies such as Google and Amazon are trying to enter into the health care field and hospitals and large health care companies must embrace this new technology based system to keep from being bought out or made obsolete. Patients are now expecting technological innovations and expect their lives to be made easier in traversing the complicated process of making doctors’ appointments or choosing a insurance policy. Health care workers have to try to see their professions from the eyes of a patient and need to try to challenge the way things ‘have always been done’ and come up with new solutions to patient problems. The University of Colorado Health has already begun introducing new technological innovations and their results are impressive. By introducing a new algorithm into their EMR that helps populate physician orders and consultation and help schedule future exams, the hospitals found that guidelines compliance increased from less than 50% to more than 90%. The facility also introduced a new clinical decision support system around the use of pharmaceuticals and this helped increase the rate of patient compliance from around 30% to 80%. A new process of patients using wearables for three days before their doctors’ appointments has helped their M.D.’s have a far more comprehensive view of their patient’s health and habits than a static exam.  All of these digital innovations is the kind of advancement the health care industry needs to survive in a world where technology is king.