The Graham-Cassidy health care bill will have a significant impact on the future of medical device sales, but it is unsure of what this impact might be.  The large medical device companies are unsure if they want to support this bill because while the bill would end the medical device tax, it also will have an unknown impact on the health care system as a whole. There is two schools of thought on the bill. Bruce Carlson, the publisher of Kalorama Information, told HCB News. “On one hand, they want the medical device excise tax eliminated. On the other, I think they’re also concerned about radical changes. For instance, if there is, as America’s Health Insurance Plans is saying, the potential destabilization of the insurance system, that’s going to concern a lot of device companies and the members of a lot of advocacy groups of device companies. They’re also concerned about how many people have health insurance and are funding the health care system.” Many insurance companies have taken a stance against the bill saying that it will lead to millions of Americans losing their health care coverage due to rising costs. The medical device companies are in favor of repealing the medical device tax claiming that this new tax will cost people their jobs, especially in small companies; however this would be a double edges sword. The repeal of this tax with the passing of the Graham-Cassidy health care bill would also lead to reduced sales in medical devices since the price of insurance plans would increase and cause patient numbers in hospitals to decrease and this would lead to less profits for the hospitals to use for such things as medical devices. The senate is currently in process of debating this proposed legislation.