Refurbishing Medical Equipment


                Medical equipment can often be seen classified as ‘refurbished’ on medical company websites, however most of these sites do not specify what they define as ‘refurbished’. What exactly does that mean and what is the process of refurbishment? There are things to watch out for when searching for used medical equipment and hopefully this helps explain what we do at Willow Medical a little better.

                The term refurbishment should not be confused with other similar terms such as ‘used’, ‘pre-owned’, or ‘reconditioned’. While these terms are very similar they do mean different things. The term ‘used’ applies to pumps that have been used before and are generally sold in ‘as-is’ condition. These pumps may be anywhere from good to poor condition depending on how well the previous owner kept the pumps. The term ‘pre-owned’ mean that the pump was purchased new from someone else, but it does not indicate the condition the pump is in currently. The term ‘reconditioned’ may mean the same as refurbished, and it indicates that the pump has been repaired in some way.

Now for refurbished pumps, there are also three different levels of refurbishment. First there is ‘visual refurbishment’ which means that the unit has been tested to ensure proper working function, but is not in excellent cosmetic shape. This unit would need cosmetic repairs but would otherwise be in good working order. Next, there is ‘parts replacement’ condition. This means that the unit requires parts to be replaced for it to be in good working order. These parts must come from other refurbished units or new from the manufacturer. Last, there is ‘full refurbishment’. This means the unit has been restored to its original and like-new condition. This type of refurbishment requires units to receive both cosmetic repairs and parts replacement.

Refurbished equipment is generally much cheaper than buying pumps ‘new’ and this has given rise to an increased demand for refurbished units in recent years. Many medical supply companies have now started dealing in refurbished units as a result of this increase in demand, but are still in process of perfecting their refurbishing techniques. We here at Willow Medical only sell Refurbished iv infusion pumps and beds and ‘new’ medical monitors. We have been dealing in equipment for years, so you can count on our equipment being in the best condition and at the best price. 

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