The Baxter Sigma Spectrum is one of the leading IV pumps in terms of safety, technology, efficiency and analytics on the market today.  

A major leading cause of deaths in the US is preventable medical errors. The Sigma Spectrum has come up with a way to minimize patient risk and make the use of an IV pump easier on medical professionals. The drug library built into the pump automatically reads the medications and their dosing to identify any potentially harmful doses or rate changes to the patient. Not only does the Sigma Spectrum identify potential dosing errors, it also increases hospital and staff drug compliance to almost 97%. The Sigma automatically defaults to the drug library when the pump is turned on, making using it a breeze and to make things even easier, the pumps library can be updated wirelessly with little to no staff interaction needed. 

The advanced technology built into the Sigma Spectrum allows for nurses and clinical staff to spend more time focusing on the patient rather than the equipment in the room. The Sigma Spectrum can directly integrate with your EMR allowing the pumps data to be uploaded to the patients chart saving nursing staff even more time. The Sigma Spectrum IV Pump also includes tracking on each unit, allowing clinical staff to save time looking for available equipment. This tracking capability tells clinical staff if the pump is in use and where it is on the floor so staff knows where to get equipment at all times. The tracking combined with the fact that the Sigma Spectrum is a lightweight and small unit, makes it very easy to move between rooms and not be a pain for patients to walk around with.

The Sigma Spectrum can also be combined with the cutting edge Baxter software ‘DoseEdge’ or ‘Infusion Analytics’ where drug and physician orders can be uploaded directly onto the pump and EMR. The Sigma Spectrum sends daily reports to your computers so you can optimize your drug libraries and reduce dose errors as much as possible. Using these reports, you can increase infusion pump related patient safety, optimize drug libraries, eliminate unnecessary alarms, minimize adverse drug reactions and dose rates, and save your employees time on charting and searching for open equipment. 

                The Sigma Spectrum is the start of a bright new future for infusion pump safety and simplicity. Its lightweight small size, easy to use operating system, wireless updates, transferable information to EMR’s, automatic safety alarms for dosing and medications, tracking capability and easy to use computer software make the Sigma Spectrum a necessary addition to your clinic or hospital.